Kory Strickland, originally from Georgia, has been tattooing in Florida since ‘08 and in Ocala since ‘11. He has always had a great interest in art, and he was often getting in trouble for drawing on himself in class. Now, he gets paid to draw on other people. “Guess it worked out,” he states.

His specialty is black and grey realism, but he feels comfortable with a variety of styles. If you are interested in a tattoo head on down to the shop and talk with him or book an appointment online right now!


Tina was born in Tampa, Florida and moved to Ocala as a young girl. She spent a decade in the medical field before becoming a body piercer nearly 8 years ago. Tina is passionate about piercing and spends much of her free time improving her skills and researching the latest body modifications.

Tina is customer service orientated — creating a comfortable environment for all of her clients. When not focused on work, she spends time at home with her amazing son.