Gothic Cheongsam-Inspired Little Black Dress

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Where my goth ladies at? Here's another little black dress that is calling your name. With a short-sleeved shrug attached and a lace up front that ties at the throat, this dress is a perfect rival during the summer and fall months to your contemporaries with a brighter color palette. It's whatever though, because black goes with everything, even that pink sundress your #goodvibesonly friend of a friend of that cousin you unfollowed on IG is sporting. 

  • Made from cotton/polyester/spandex blend for a comfortable, elastic fit
  • A-line silhouette and mid-thigh length 
  • Snug cheongsam-inspired sleeves and collar 
  • Warning: with the right shoes and makeup, dress may scare the live, love, laugh out of the aforementioned pink lady