Victorian Bracelet with Attached Ring

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Up your jewelry game when you add this unique lace bracelet with chain-attached ring. Made perfectly for your steampunkiest look, we're also envisioning prom, your gallery opening, or every day because that's just you. And we love it! At one point in time, this type of bracelet was referred to as a slave bracelet due to the style being associated predominantly with harems and belly dancers. While belly dancers have never gone out of style, slavery has so we're just gonna call it...well, not that. But to turn that problematic name on its head, we think you'll definitely be able to make any man your slave when you present the attached ring to be kissed adoringly. So there you go. 

  • Charm bracelet with attached ring on rope chain
  • Bracelet and ring pendants are matching black oval cut gems with ornate brass-colored framing
  • Metal parts including ring band and link chain made of aluminum alloy 
  • Bracelet is black lace with metallic box and tongue clasp for easy fastening